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How Many Airbnbs are in Finland?

How Many Airbnbs are in Finland?

Finland has 26,100 Airbnb listings according to a report by in 2023

In 2023 the amount of Airbnb hosts and available listings in Finland has increased by 40% since 2022. The rapid increase in listings is due to rising interest rates and the cooldown of the real-estate market which have forced property owners to seek higher returns from short-term renting. Finland has a total of 26,100 Airbnb listings with the largest share of them in the Helsinki Metropolitan region and Lapland.


  • Finland has 26,100 Airbnb listings
  • Amount of listing increased 40% since 2022
  • Helsinki has 4,100 Airbnb listings
  • Average revenue is 25,000€/year
  • Average daily rate is 108,7€/night
  • Occupancy rate has decreased by 13% in 2023
  • The median age for an Airbnb host in Finland is 36 years

Increase in Airbnb Rentals

As property owners have begun to feel the pain of rising interest rates and long-term leases are beginning to expire, property owners have started to show increasing interest in turning their properties into shot-term Airbnb rentals.

Higher revenue from short-term rentals

As rental contracts signed before the interest level hikes in 2023 begin to expire, we’ve seen a steady increase in Airbnb properties in Finland as people begin to seek higher revenue from short-term rentals. On average short-term rentals can yield 3x the revenue a long-term 11+ month rental can yield. These numbers depend on factors, such as location size and amenities of the apartment (

As to be expected with an increase in listings, the occupancy rate has shrunk by 13% compared to 2022. as competition increases.

Google search enquiries for help with Airbnb and Airbnb hosting are also up, as property owners show interest in rental platforms. There has also been a massive increase in Airbnb hospitality management services. If you need help with Airbnb management services, such as cleaning or bed linen rentals, you can find them here:

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By: JOOA LEONAMAA updated in 24.10.2023

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